Current Wish List

Our needs change quite frequently based on what we're currently running low on! We appreciate your consideration to give! Items can be mailed to CCARE, 109 S. 4th Street, Clay Center KS  67432.

Not sure what to give? You can always donate monetary amounts too! Just head over to our donation page found here.

Items Currently Needed at CCARE

Paper Towels
We are in constant need! Any brand is great.

We are in constant need! Any brand is great.
​Purchase at any of your local retail stores.

Trash Bags
13 gallon size or larger is preferred!
Purchase at any of your local retail stores.

Shelving Unit
We are in need of a shelving unit for our storage room to keep our dog food and other materials on!
Buy CCARE A Large Shelving Unit at
This unit is also available at Sam's Club!
Metal Shelf

Frontline 89-132 pound
Flea and tick season is upon us! Frontline is expensive  for us, donations are so appreciated! We are particular about the Frontline brand.
Buy CCARE Frontline using Amazon Smile. 12 packs are also available to purchase!
Frontline Plus

Calming Collars
These calming collars really help our new guests stay comfortable in a sometimes stressful environment.
Buy CCARE A Calming Collar with Amazon Smile (large size is preferred).
Calming Collar

Canned Dog Food
We aren't too picky! Anything will be just great!