Costs & Fees

Here are some of our costs and fees at-a-glance. More information is located on each costs's specific page.

"Get Out of Jail" (Reclaiming Your Dog): $25 + $5 per day that the dog has been at CCARE. More info on our Lost & Found Pets page.

Cost to Adopt: Established on a case-by-case basis. More info on our Adoption Information page.

Owner Surrender: $50 for a Clay County resident and dog current on all applicable vaccinations. All other surrenders are $75 and are subject to our discretion based on the situation. More info on our Surrenders page.

Stray Brought In by Citizen: $40. More info on our Strays page.

Stray Brought in by community ACO: Included in contract between CCARE and given community. 

24PetWatch Gift Of Insurance: 30 days free from date of adoption with your CCARE adopted pet; after that see the 24 Pet Watch Insurance Website for pricing.

Public Microchip Clinics - New Chip: $30. More info on our Microchipping page.
Public Microchip Clinics - Updated Chip: $10

24PetWatch Microchip Registration: Paid by owners through the 24PetWatch Microchipping Website.
      -Annual Plan for Cats $18.95
      -Annual P
lan for Dogs $21.95
      -Lifetime Plan for Cats $49.95
      -Lifetime Plan for Dogs $59.95